Outstanding Sillimanian Awards


The ideals of excellence, character and service as expressions of Silliman University’s motto, “VIA VERITAS VITA” are exemplified and epitomized in the individual lives of the alumni, in their own special and unique way as individuals, professionals, and members of the community. The OUTSTANDING SILLIMANIAN AWARD (OSA), to be given during Founders Day, is designed to recognize these ideals in those who have gone through the Portals of the University. Silliman University, in coordination with the Silliman Alumni Association, Inc. (SAAI), commits itself to the active promotion of this award in the hope that these outstanding Sillimanians may become living exemplars of excellence, character, and service, thus keeping alive the SILLIMAN SPIRIT.


  1. Any alumnus/alumna of Silliman University may be nominated for the award, provided the nominee meets the criteria set forth below. However, incumbent officers and/or board members of the nominating or endorsing chapter and incumbent National Officers and members of the Board of Directors of SAAI cannot be nominated for the Outstanding Sillimanian Award.
  2. Anyone from the alumni or Silliman academic community may submit a nomination but such nomination shall be coursed through the President of any recognized chapter who shall ensure that the nominee is a Lifetime member of the Silliman Alumni Association, Inc.
  3. Every nomination shall have the official endorsement of the Nominating Chapter duly supported by a resolution of membership by its Board of Directors.
  4. Only nominees who satisfy the fully prescribed criteria, particularly those under “The Truth” and “The Life” should be endorsed.
  5. The alumni chapters concerned shall forward the Nomination Portfolios to the OSA Committee of the Silliman Alumni Association, Inc., Silliman University, Dumaguete City through e-mail: OSAnomination@saai.org.ph. Nominations without the required supporting papers will not be considered.
  6. Chapters concerned must submit nominations and pertinent documents on or before 12 midnight of October 31, 2021.
Guide Criteria Some Indicators

“The Way”
Outstanding Professional Achievements

– Excellent and distinguished performance in the field of specialization, area of responsibility or chosen career.

Significant Professional Output in terms of:

  1. Innovations and creativity such as researches, projects, products, etc.
  2. Impact on professional activities engaged in.
  3. Involvement in Professional activities, organizations, societies.
  4. Promotions, Positions/Titles attained.
  5. Awards/commendations received in relation to the profession or chosen career.

“The Truth”
Individual’s Social Responsibility

– Consistent and courageous in pursuit of truth and committed to what is good, right, and just.

Honesty, integrity, and fairness or “justness” in responsibilities, accountabilities to self, others, and the community.

  1. Positive contributions to social and civic causes;
  2. Notable leadership in church, civic, and community organizations;
  3. Involvement and contributions to the Life and mission of the University;
  4. Membership in Silliman Alumni Association, Inc. and active involvement in chapter activities;
  5. No pending criminal or administrative cases.

“The Life”
Individual’s Personal conduct

– Exemplary lifestyle and conduct in private life, and in his/her relationship with family, friends, colleagues, and the general public.

  1. Strength of Relationship
    Propriety, decency, and decorum in personal conduct.
  2. Harmonious relationship with friends, colleagues, and the general public.
  3. Exemplary family life.


  1. The Screening Committee, composed of the members of the Executive Committee of the Association and one member of the University Board of Trustees, shall then meet to scrutinize the nominations and see if they are in order. Should the Committee deem it necessary and proper, nominations may be referred to persons, or institutions that can provide an objective assessment of the nominees’ qualifications. Where the award intended for the nominee bears an academic dimension, the nomination shall, in all cases, be referred to the Deans Conference and then to the Academic Council of the University for proper assessment.
  2. Once the referral results are in, all nominations shall be endorsed to the Special Selection Committee for screening and preliminary selection. This Committee shall be composed of nine (9) members, as follows:1 Member of the Board of Trustees
    1 Dean/Director recommended by the Deans’ Conference
    1 Member from and recommended by the Academic Council
    1 Faculty nominated by the Vice President for Academic Affairs
    1 Staff nominated by the University President
    4 Alumni representatives recommended by the SAAI Board of DirectorsThe Committee shall elect a Chairperson from among themselves.
  3. The Final Selection Committee shall be composed of one (1) member of the Board of Trustees, the University President, who shall sit as Chair, the Vice President(s), and the members of the SAAI Board of Directors. The final selection of awardees shall be made during the 2nd Regular Meeting (month of March) meeting of the SAAI Board. The decision of the Final Selection Committee, once approved by the Board of Trustees, shall be final and non-appealable.
  4. The Director of the Office of the Alumni Affairs shall sit as ex-officio member of all the committees pertinent to the Outstanding Sillimanian Award.