Amatong exhorts Sillimanians to adhere to the ‘Via, Veritas, Vita’

“We are living in a dangerous environment. When you watch the news either on television or read the broadsheets, there is no single day of peace and harmony,” thus, intoned Dr. Juanita Dy Amatong, former chairperson of the Silliman University Board of Trustees and former Finance Secretary as she guested in the gala dinner hosted by the Silliman University Alumni Association of Metro Manila Chapter, Inc. (SUAAMCI) last August at the Manila Polo Club, Forbes Park, Makati to celebrate the 115th Founders Day.

She mentioned bombings by terrorist groups in Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even in Europe and the United States that “leave us with extreme fearfulness and despair.” Add to all these are natural devastations caused by floods, forest fires, typhoons, and extreme weather conditions.

“In the economic front, the exit of Britain from the European Union sends a strong political and economic signal, affecting not only the members of the European Union, but also the rest of the world,” Dr. Amatong explained, adding that “the financial markets went tumbling down after the Brexit announcement, and the British Pound suffered deep depreciation never experienced for the last 25 years.”

In addition, among other global challenges, according to Dr. Amatong, “the ASEAN integration, which officially started to be in effect this year, is another major economic event which we, in the Philippines, must face as challenges and opportunities.”

Dr. Amatong referred to the Christian values reflected in the Silliman motto, “Via, Veritas, Vita” She said that “in a world beset with turmoil, disharmony, materialism, radicalism, and all the ills invented by men and women, Silliman University, the institution, and those who pass through its gates should find their relevance by adhering to the Silliman motto.”

She acknowledged the leadership and members of SUAAMCI for sustaining their objectives and pursuing projects, like scholarships and assisting Sillimanians find jobs in Metro Manila.